Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dorchester Abbey

Four members of SSIM visited Dorchester Abbey whilst attending a meeting of the Association of Latin Liturgy on April 13 which was held a few hundred metres along the road at the beautiful Catholic Church of St Birinus.

On visiting the abbey one is first struck by a notable example of reformation desecration as one has to side step and altar stone which was set into the pavement of the porch, deliberately so that people would trample on the very spot where the precious Body and Blood of Our Lord rested during the sacrifice of the Mass. (See picture).

The church itself is impressive and was served first by secular and subsequently regular Augustinian canons. It was the Cathedral of the Kingdom of Mercia, a privilege it lost by royal edict, to Lincoln.

The relics and shrine of St Birinus can be found inside as can notable examples of medieval glass and stone carving.

Pictures in this post include a member fulfilling his SSIM duties before a medieval crucifix wall painting, the great east window and the Shrine of St Birinus.

Dorchester is well worth a visit, as are its many pubs!

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